Setdart.com is an online auction that has as its object the sale, in online public auctions, of art, antiques, collectible items and other artistic goods of a similar nature that fit our purpose.
Setdart auction and its tax body Setdart Online SL act as mediators between the owner and the purchaser of each lot.
In order to bid on Setdart you need to register as a user, after having read these conditions for purchase.


The form will ask you to enter a “username” and a “password”. This ensures guarantees your privacy and the authenticity of the bids, as when you place a bid, the bidding history will show your username and not your name and surname, and the bid will not be entered unless you enter the correct password.

Personal information must be authentic and correct, in the case of any fabrication or manipulation, Setdart.com will terminate your client registration.

Once the correct form has been submitted, Setdart.com will accept you as a user and send you, via mail, the approval, with which you can begin making bids.
Registering as a user entitles you to receive the Newsletter that Setdart.com sends to its users, via mail, every week, with the most important news.
As a client, from the section “My Data” on the web, you can change your data as well as user code and password, for access to the realization of bids.
If you wish to unsubscribe as a user, you must contact us, via mail or phone.
It is not necessary to register as a user to browse through our site.
Registering as a user carries no additional charge. As a member of a community with a common interest, the only prerequisite for any type of operation is the acceptance of the rules of procedure.
Once registered, the user agrees to utilize the means on the Setdart.com web page to the end for which they were created and to act in accordance with current law, respecting the privacy policy and the moral characteristics of the site, being a Setdart bidder, there’s the fact that before the breach of any of these conditions and rules the user’s account may be suspended or removed without any prior notice or right to any form of compensation.
Incidents during Auctions
In the event that there arises any problem of connectivity or access to the Setdart service, the latest user bidder will be notified, and at the same time it will be posted on Setdart’s homepage.
In any case, Setdart reserves the right to extend the auction the next day at the same time, or when it believes best, in order to ensure access for all users of the auction affected by the incident or, if it thinks fit, can proceed with the cancellation of the affected auction..

The auction lots are shown on the web with a full cataloging and additional images can be enlarged so that the user-buyer can have a complete vision of the state in which the pieces will be found. Setdart Auctions, in addition, offers an assessment service so as to be able inform you of the condition of the piece, about the author, market prices or any other data we have available.

The assessment should be performed under the reasonable and prudent judgment of Setdart Auctions but without it assuming any responsibility for the content of said information and, therefore, the buyer will have to form their own opinion.
The data from the image gallery related to the author, origin, antiquity, provenance and condition of the lots are included after careful research, testing and assessment, but regarding its accuracy, Setdart Auctions accepts no liability. Those interested will have to form their own opinions in respect to the pieces before the close of the auction. If the user-buyer wants to physically see a lot, you can ask Setdart Auctions and we will arrange for it to happen whenever possible.

Cancelling a purchase

As a buyer you can cancel a purchase within the period of seven days from the date of the auction, only in cases where the item does not correspond to the cataloguing or may have very significant flaws not mentioned in the description or that cannot be seen in the images. The inauthenticity of the object must be elaborated on and justified by an authority on the subject.
The item must be returned in the same state and condition as when delivered.
In any of these cases, Setdart will fully refund the money you put up for the purchase of the item. Transport costs involved the collection and delivery of the piece or any other cost other than the price of the piece acquired at auction with commission and VAT added, will not be covered by Setdart.
Any other claim that the buyer wants to make for inaccurate data or the falseness of the piece, must be directed invariably to the seller, while Setdart does not assume responsibility for the authenticity of the piece, but only mediation in the sale.
In no case may damages or compensation be claimed, for pieces having been auctioned or bought that have been misplaced in or withdrawn

In no case will Setdart Online, S.L. accept any responsibility for any possible damage occurring during transportation of the lot/lots auctioned, it will only be liable if the piece suffers any damage during its stay at Setdart Online, S.L.’s installations.

Reclaims on purchased lots will not be accepted under any circumstances, after 15 days from the issuance of the pertinent invoice, by Setdart Online, S.L.
The parties involved, the seller-depositor and buyer, must meet the provisions of the Heritage Act, the General Tax Law and Intellectual Property Law.
The operations Setdart Auctions are involved in are subject to the provisions of Spanish law and, more specifically, to the provisions governing mediation and storage contracts.

In the case of discrepancies between the parties for reasons related to auction transactions, the seller, the buyer and Setdart Auctions, waiving any other authority that may apply, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

If you need any more information, please send us an email to admin@setdart.com.