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Subastas Barcelona España
The premiere online auction from Spain for paintings, sculptures, antiques, jewelry and furniture. Guaranteed security and confidence.
Please visit our auctions in Barcelona. Our physical locations allow direct and personalized attention. If you want to sell a piece or art collection, Setdart makes free and confidential assessments and can provide an estimate of the sale proposing the best strategy for each case, always supported by our marketing plan. As a buyer, Setdart offers a selection of pieces studied and cataloged by our experts and personalized advice on your purchases. currently receives an average of over 7,000 visits per day and has 45000 users. These figures and our network positioning make it the absolute leading art auction online in Spain.

Subastas Barcelona

Calle Aragón, 346
Barcelona - 08009, España
Latitude: 41.3945632
Longitude: 2.1708139

Telf: +34 932 46 32 41
Fax : +34 937 92 49 36
Email : [email protected]

Colecciones: 10:00-13:30 y de 16:00-19:30

Subasta Barcelona

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