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JUAN DE JUANES (Valencia, around 1507 - Bocairente, Valencia, 1579).
"The Virgin of milk, the Child, an angel and Saint John".
Oil on panel.
Attached certificate issued by Doña Isabel Mateo.
Presents restorations.
Measures: 95 x 96 cm.
Work that belongs to the artist's youth in which the Virgin of the Milk or Good Milk is represented, also known as the Nourishing Virgin or Nurse, Virgin of the Rest or of the Good Rest, Virgin of Bethlehem or of the Grotto of Bethlehem; It is an invocation and an iconography of the Virgin Mary, in which she is represented in the act of breastfeeding the Child Jesus. This representation has had various developments in sacred art, such as painting, sculpture and the particular iconography of the Orthodox Church.The representation of the Virgin nursing the baby Jesus is mentioned by Pope Gregory the Great, a mosaic with this representation It probably dates from the 12th century is found on the facade of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, although a few other examples from the early Middle Ages still survive. It is considered that this invocation may be a syncretism of the mother-goddesses, in particular of the goddess Isis nursing Horus, and probably the first images appeared in Coptic art. The Milk Grotto is a place in Bethlehem, very close to the Basilica of the Nativity, where tradition says that the Virgin breastfed the Child, and a drop was spilled on a rock, which changed its color, turning white. Due to this, cave stones (made of calcium carbonate) were considered a relic in the first centuries because, when diluted in water, it took on the appearance of milk. The sanctuary built in this place is used by women who ask the Virgin to improve the quality of their breast milk. A theme within Christian hagiography linked to the nursing Virgin is that of Lactatio Bernardi, according to which the Virgin appeared to a monk in a dream and, by giving him milk, gave him some miraculous gift.
Due to its formal and technical characteristics, we can relate this work to the circle of Juan de Juanes, the name by which Vicente Juan Macip, son of Juan Macip and a key painter of the Spanish Renaissance, is known. He was trained with his father, and in 1534 he was already in charge of the altarpiece of San Eloy in the church of Santa Catalina, his first autograph work.


Presenta restauraciones.Adjunta certificado expedido por Doña Isabel Mateo. Este lote forma parte de la exposición "Maestros italianos y flamencos" que tiene lugar en SetdartMadrid, situada en C/Conde de Aranda, 22.



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