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Japan armchair set, Finn Juhl for France & Son / France & Daverkosen; 1953.
Gilded brass, teak wood and woolen cloth.
Features updated upholstery. Stamped parts.
Measures: 72 x 182 x 80 cm (sofa); 72 x 60 x 80 cm (armchair, x2).
Set of sofa and armchairs that have a gray wool upholstery. All three have a similar design, both in the color of the wood used for the structure, as well as in the upholstery and the lines of the design. However, they differ in size, since the sofa is four-seater and stands on six legs. Finn Juhl was the first Danish furniture designer to be recognized internationally. He studied architecture at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and expanded his training with the Danish architect Wilhelm Laurintzen, but was self-taught in the field of furniture design. He started creating furniture designs in the late 1930s, making the first pieces for himself. However, after opening his office in 1945 he was soon recognized for his unusual, expressive and sculptural designs. During these years he will collaborate with the cabinetmaker Niels Vodder, creating pieces that caused a sensation at the Cabinetmakers Exhibition due to their forms clearly influenced by the abstract art of the time. In fact, unlike many of his contemporaries, Juhl placed more emphasis on form than function, representing a break with the tradition of the Klint School. In 1951 he carried out his first project in the United States, where he was hired to design the interior of the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Although it was a major project for such a young architect, Juhl was very successful with the result. As a result of his American experience, the modern Danish design concept will become known and valued worldwide. One of Juhl's best-known pieces is the Chieftain Chair, designed in 1949 and an example of its creator's idea of separating the sculptural shapes of the seat and back from the wooden structure. We see the same principle in the 45-Chair, designed in 1945. Juhl is currently represented in prominent collections around the world, including that of the MoMA in New York.


Presenta tapicería renovada. Piezas estampilladas.


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