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R&B. 4 albums with 4 vinyl LPs.
This lot consists of: Lakeside, Club Noveau, The Deele and Michael Henderson.
"Keep On Moving Straight Ahead." LAKESIDE Spanish Edition, 1981. (FL- 13974).
"Read On Me." CLUB NOVEAU. Spanish Edition, 1987. (920369-0)
"Eyes Of A Stranger." THE DEELE. Spanish Edition, 1988. (30312277).
"Goin 'Places." MICHAEL HENDERSON. Spanish Edition, 1987. (TXS 3091).
Provenance: This lot comes from the Jordi Tardà collection.
Condition: Very good condition.


Procedencia: Este lote procede de la colección Jordi Tardà. Estado: Muy Buen estado de conservación.


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