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Persian rug; twentieth century.
90% silk and silk weft. C. 1,000,000 knots / m2.
Measures: 400 x 350 cm.
New Persian rug, handcrafted from 90% silk, mostly golden, with approximately one million knots. The piece has a light yellow field with a central blue medallion, combined with elements of a golden hue. The decoration seems to draw the gaze towards its center, as the ornamental band rings filled with arabesque patterns get smaller and smaller. The motifs in the corners are entirely occupied by a dense and intricate design, ordered and rigorously symmetrical, based on geometric plant motifs. It should be noted that the central rose window follows the same ornamental pattern as the design of the dome in the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque or Shah's Oratory, located in Isfahan, Iran.

The border is made up of five bands plus the outer one. Regarding the bands that make up the border, it should be noted that the central one has a larger size and decoration, which is based on a border of plant motifs that are joined with a geometric pattern that extends throughout the perimeter of said border. While in the other bands the geometric motif disappears, showing only an ornamentation of a vegetal nature. Complementary colors: red, orange, green, pink, and garnet.



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