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JOAQUIN TORRES GARCIA (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1874 - 1949).
Untitled, c. 1919-1920.
Oil on cardboard.
Work reproduced in the reasoned catalog of the artist.
Signed in the lower left corner.
Measures: 26 x 33.7 cm; 50 x 58 cm (frame).

Torres García wanted to find a way to create universal art and, in this way, the bases of his pictorial thought are resolved through constructive universalism, where art is understood as that which unites man and nature. Thus, Torres García created his own plastic language using symbols and formal resources combined in tradition and modernity. Before his arrival in Paris in 1926, he had already explored abstraction and other avant-garde practices, but from that moment on he was immersed in the cultural and intellectual context that led him towards the consolidation of his mature style. In this path of stylistic fixation, Torres-García drank from different inspirations, -especially from the dominant group in this context-, the surrealists. Furthermore, he was especially drawn to the ideas of the creators of Neoplasticism - Van Doesburg and Mondrian - whose rigorous geometry and pure colors, along with mystical spiritualism and utopian vision, matched well with his beliefs about the intersection of art and life. His study in the ancient arts of America was crucial, as it provided him with the element that would allow him to move from pure geometry to a particular approach to abstraction linked to European avant-garde practices and the archetypal forms of pre-Columbian art. This work is an extraordinary example of innovation that led Torres-García to develop his signature style, which defines his unique contribution to the history of avant-garde art. Without forgetting that it is dedicated "to Manolita" for her birthday on February 22, notable for the minimal dedications of the artist.


Obra reproducida en el catálogo razonado del artista. Este lote puede verse en la sede de Setdart Madrid, situada en la calle Conde de Aranda, 22.


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