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JOSÉ BENLLIURE GIL (Valencia, 1855 - 1937)
"The witches" and fragment of "Earth!" (back).
Oil on canvas.
Exhibitions: José Benlliure Gil (1855 - 1937). Center del Carme, Valencia, 2008. Page 198, cat. No. 24 (reproduced).
Measurements: 169 x 291 cm.
The uniqueness of the work that concerns us is increased by the fact that, on the back, a fragment of the work "Tierra" is painted, one of the most important historicist paintings conceived by the Valencian artist. It was in 2008 when, during a transfer from "Las Brujas" to the monographic exhibition of José Benlliure held at the Center del Carme, curators Victoria E. Bonet and Javier García witnessed such a spectacular discovery, identifying the fragment with such a distinguished work. José Benlliure conceived "Earth!" shortly after his arrival in Rome. For this, he bought a large canvas (600 x 400 cm) and began to paint around 1879. The original painting, of which a photograph of the sketch is preserved in the Benlliure Archives, represents the moment when Columbus saw land from the ship Santa Maria. The reason why Benlliure gave up the execution of the work, despite his interest in presenting it at the National Exhibition, was due to economic issues: he had to dedicate himself to painting smaller works that, being more sought after, produced profits. more immediate. Over the years Benlliure divided the canvas, using one part to paint the picture of "The Witches." Unfortunately, the other main fragment was left in his study and is currently in the Benlliure Museum in Valencia, where it was restored in 1991.


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