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ERIK ARTHUR OLSON (Sweden, 1901-1986).
"Bebadelse", 1958.
Oil on panel.
Signed and dated in the lower right corner, titled on the back.
Measurements: 37 x 23.5 cm .; 39 x 26 cm. (Frame).
Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor, theater decorator and member of the Halmstad group. His brother was Axel Olson. Erik Olson is known as a Swedish surrealist. Olson grew up in Halmstad. Self-taught, being very young he was every night cultivating his main interests, drawing and painting, while he studied at the Halmstad Technical School. His father wanted his son to be an engineer, but Olson, along with his brother Axel, participated in 1919 in an amateur show at Halmstad high school, where they met artist Gosta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN). This meeting deeply influenced them, being impressed by his painting and his theories of art. In 1924 Olson went to Paris together with his cousin Waldemar Lorentzon. They became students at Fernand Léger's academy of painting, Academie Moderne, and where they were introduced to cubist art. Between December 1924 and March 1925, Eric Olson went to Italy to further his studies. After his military service, he returned to Paris in 1927 and began working for Léger. In 1929 he married the painter Solvig Sven-Nilsson. The same year he became a co-founder of Halmstad group. In the late 1930s, he painted 'Handsken är kastad', (without gloves), which is considered his first surrealist work. Olson lived for periods in both France and Denmark. Starting in the 1930s, his works participated in exhibitions in, for example, Copenhagen, London, Paris, and New York. He spent most of his summers on the Halland coast, where he participated in Söndrumskolonin during the 1940s. In 1950 Olson converted to Catholicism and spent some of his last years rediscovering religious art.



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