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Bodhisattva. China, Tang Dynasty, AD 618-907.
White marble.
Provenance: Private collection, London, acquired between 1970 and 1980. Private collection J.Rovira, Barcelona, since 2009.
Condition: breakage on the left arm, otherwise in its original state.
Measurements: 54 cm. high.
Sculpture carved in white marble, with singular refinement in the description of each detail. Seated in the lotus position, with his hands doing a mudra (although one of the arms has been lost), the Bodhisattva rests on a pedestal in the shape of a lotus flower, symbol of purity. The eyelids are slightly lowered, symbolising spiritual concentration and purity, because of their similarity to the petals of the lotus. The serene face is illuminated by a barely hinted smile. A sinuous line follows the lip profile, marking with similar delicacy the perfect arch of the eyebrows, the almond-shaped eye sockets and the bridge of the nose. Each curve has been carefully considered and balanced to convey the serenity characteristic of a perfect being. The elongated earlobes allude to the large earrings worn by members of the noble classes and represent the concepts of greatness, nobility and wisdom. The figure here wears sumptuous garments, and the care taken in the ornamentation continues in the strings of pearls on the necklace. The headdress is topped with a chignon, an assimilation of the hairstyle in reference to the pagoda, which is typical of Buddhist art.


Procedencia: Colección particular londinense, adquirida entre 1970 y 1980. Colección particular J.Rovira, Barcelona, desde 2009.
Estado de Conservación: rotura en el brazo izquierdo, por lo demás , en su estado original.


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