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Sculpture of a goat. Roman culture. 1st-3rd century AD.
Provenance: Collection of Dr Daivid and Solomon, New York, USA. Born in Kuwait and immigrated to the United States around 1961.
United States around 1961. Private collection, New York, USA.
Good condition. The four extremities are missing.
Measurements: 40 cm.
Sculpture of a goat, made in marble. It is a quality piece, with the hair skilfully carved and the anatomy resolved with verisimilitude. The head looks upwards, as if addressing its owner. The posture of the animal may suggest a sacrificial scene or perhaps an everyday, rural image, which at that time was just beginning to be introduced timidly into Roman iconography. From the 1st century BC onwards, a change in Roman sculpture can be seen, due to its departure from Greek canons and the beginning of Augustus' imperial art. One of the main aspects of the new art would be the emphasis on narrative and the chronicling of daily life. In this shift, the depiction of scenes with domestic or grazing animals, as well as sacrificial bestiary, occupies an important place. However, animals were not often depicted in individual sculptures, but accompanied by children or mythological figures.


Procedencia: Colección del Dr. Daivid y Solomon, Nueva York, Estados Unidos de América. Nació en Kuwait e inmigró en los Estados
Unidos hacia 1961. Colección particular, New York, EE. UU.
Buen estado de conservación. Faltan las cuatro extremidades.
Este lote puede verse en la Sala de SetdartBarcelona situada en C/Aragón, 346.



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