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Attic Crateras-Stamnos. Painter of Villa Giulia, 460-450 BC.
Ceramic red figures.
Size: 34 x 35 x 27 cm.
Ceramic crater, stamnos type, made with the technique of red figures, a piece by the painter from Villa Giulia, active in the mid-5th century BC, Classical Greece. The periform body depicts six figures dancing or playing instruments: an aulos, a tambourine and so on. They also carry fans and offerings.
The Villa Giulia painter decorated vessels in Athens during the period between 470 and 440 BC. He worked mainly with the red-figure technique, but also produced some pieces with a white ground. Most of his work seems to have been on large vessels, especially on craters of various shapes. The Villa Giulia painter tended to favour tranquil scenes, but also included many depictions of Dionysian religion and unusual myths. As with most ancient artists, the real name of the Villa Giulia painter is unknown, and he is only identified by the stylistic features of his work. Scholars named him after a krater in the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome.
Red-figure pottery was one of the most important figurative styles in Greek ceramics. It was developed in Athens around 530 BC, and was used until the 3rd century BC. It replaced the previous predominant style of black-figured pottery within a few decades. The technical basis was the same in both cases, but in the red figures the colouring is inverted, with the figures highlighted against a dark background, as if illuminated by a theatrical light, following a more natural scheme. Painters working with black figures were forced to keep the motifs well separated from each other and to limit the complexity of the illustration. The red-figure technique, on the other hand, allowed greater freedom. Each figure was silhouetted against a black background, allowing painters to portray anatomical details with greater accuracy and variety.



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