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"DEmo"; ELADIO DE MORA (1960, Toledo).
"Baby Bear".
Fiberglass. Unique piece.
Signed with anagram.
Measures: 53 x 55 x 30 cm.
Sculpture made of fiberglass with a glossy finish. The piece stands out for the dripping effect of fluorine colors on a black base. Characteristic that provides a new reinterpretation, in a pop and colorful key, of the mythical figure of the "hugging bear." Eladio de Mora is one of the great representatives of contemporary Spanish art, Eladio de Mora discovered his artistic vocation as a child. Fundamentally self-taught artist, he develops a work that could be situated halfway between pop and expressionism. His creations are characterized by simplified features and pure colors, and are made of materials such as plastic, polyester and some resins. Under the almost childlike appearance of his works, sometimes critical meanings are hidden; he confesses to finding in his works the balance between rigor and a smile. Some of his best known pieces are his series of bears, ducks, divers and meninas. In fact, his sculptures are often grouped in families, so that repetition intensifies the impact. Likewise, most of his sculptures are located outdoors, since Mora seeks above all a direct relationship with the public. He began to make himself known through group exhibitions at the beginning of the 21st century, and in 2002 he held his first solo exhibitions, both in Spain (Azteca and Séller galleries in Madrid, Espacio Líquido in Gijón) and abroad (Heyd gallery in Hildritzhausen , Germany). Since then his presence will be constant in the artistic panorama; He will continue to exhibit individually, and also take part in art fairs and group shows.


Este lote puede verse en la sede de Setdart Madrid, situada en la calle Conde de Aranda, 22.


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