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Spanish School, XVII century. . After RUBENS (1577-1640).
"Supper at the House of Simon the Pharisee".
Oil on copper.
Measurements: 40 x 54 cm; 46 x 60 cm (frame).
Rubens painted the oil on which this copper painting is based around 1618. It was a very copied painting at the time: in the Prado Museum there is a version made by Pieter Van Lint, also in copper. The present copper painting is very faithful to the original, reproducing each of the figures and using a contrasting palette. The scene, taken from the Gospels, narrates the moment when Mary, sister of Lazarus, anointed the feet of Jesus with her perfume and then dried them with her hair. The pictorial tradition has often depicted the female figure with long blonde hair and a sensual figure, which has led to her being confused with the sinful Magdalene. The present painting belongs to this tradition, thus enriching the possible interpretations of this biblical theme. Mary, with her bust uncovered and an intense rapture in her countenance, does not pay attention to what Christ is trying to tell her, with a gesticulating attitude. The other figures, gathered around the table, look at each other and look at Jesus with a somewhat dazed gaze, establishing significant silent dialogues between them. The architecture is limited to a spatial demarcation, open to a background of sky. This work is faithful to the narrative richness of Rubens' painting, with its variety of attitudes and gestures, captured with naturalism, as well as the plasticity of the drapery. The event took place in the dining room of the house of Simon (the Pharisee according to some, the leper according to others), where various figures are situated around a table presided over by Christ. According to the scriptures, while they were dining, Mary, the sister of Lazarus, took a pound of precious nard perfume and anointed Jesus' feet, wiped them and the scent of the perfume filled the whole house. On seeing this, some of the disciples criticise the woman's wastefulness because of the high price of the perfume poured out. Anointing consists basically of pouring aromatic substances on the body of Christ, which are described in the sources generically as oils, perfumes or ointments.


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