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BENJAMÍN PALENCIA (Barrax, Albacete, 1894 - Madrid, 1980).
Untitled, 1945
Ink, sanguine, waxes and torn on paper. Reengineered by the artist.
Attached certificate issued by the Benjamin Palencia archive. Registration number D014 / 45.
Signed and dated in the lower left area.
Measures: 101 x 73 cm, 105 x 77 cm (frame).
Founder of the Vallecas School together with Alberto Sánchez, a sculptor, Benjamín Palencia was one of the most important heirs of the poetics of the Castilian landscape typical of the Generation of 98. At just fifteen years old, Palencia left his hometown and settled in Madrid to develop his training through his frequent visits to the Prado Museum, since he always rejected the official teachings of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. In 1925 he participated in the Exhibition of Iberian Artists held at the El Retiro Palace in Madrid, and in 1926 he traveled to Paris for the first time. There he will meet Picasso, Gargallo and Miró and will come into contact with the collage technique, which he will later apply to his work incorporating new materials such as sand or ashes. It will be from this Parisian stay that Palencia's work acquires a surrealist tone, evidenced in an ever greater expressive freedom that will reach its fullness in its mature period. Upon his return to Madrid, he founded the Escuela de Vallecas (1927), and made his solo debut at the Museum of Modern Art (1928). Palencia will gradually abandon still lifes to retake the Castilian landscape, capturing it through a magnificent synthesis between tradition and avant-garde. This personal aesthetic of the landscape will reach its culmination in the Vallecas School and, after a brilliant surrealist incursion in the early 1930s, when the Civil War broke out, Palencia remained in Madrid, suffering a period of deep crisis like his generation companions. After the war ended, between 1939 and 1940 his painting took a radical turn; he abandons cubist and abstract influences and even surrealist aspects, in search of an art with a strong chromatic impact, linked to Fauvism. Focused on his work as a landscaper, Palencia resumed in 1942 the experience of the Vallecas School together with the young painters Álvar Delgado, Carlos Pascual de Lara, Gregorio del Olmo, Enrique Núñez Casteló and Francisco San José. His work will collect images of the Castilian countryside and its peasants and animals; his painting becomes a testimony of the rough, the rough and the rural, of the subtle expressiveness of the Castilian sobriety.


Reentelado por el artista. Adjunta certificado expedido por el archivo benjamín Palencia. Este lote puede verse en la sede de Setdart madrid, situada en la calle Conde de Aranda, 22.




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