Fu lion, possibly Nepalese, 19th century.

Auction Lot 35286728
Lion of Fu, possibly Nepalese, 19th century.
In silver 900.
Weight: 7,7 kg.
Measurements: 61 x 74 x 20 cm.

Estimated Value : 9,000 - 10,000 €
End of Auction: 24 Jul 2024 16:49
Remaining time: 8 days 17:25:57
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Fu Lion, possibly Nepalese, 19th century.
In sterling silver 900.
Weight: 7,7 kg.
Measurements: 61 x 74 x 20 cm.

Sterling silver sculpture representing a finely chiseled temple guardian lion, with open jaws showing the fangs and the detail of the small teeth. The thick mane has been resolved with the same care, curl by curl, forming a sea of strands. The spiral curls are transformed into foliated motifs towards the back. The anatomy is compact and shows similar perfection. The tail raised and curled over the back completes the defensive posture of the animal, tense on its four extended legs.

Nepalese guardian lions are traditional sculptures that are often placed at the entrance of temples, palaces and other important buildings, and have great cultural and symbolic significance, especially as protection of sacred buildings (to ward off evil spirits). When presented in pairs, often one of the lions has its mouth open, symbolizing the pronunciation of the sound "A" (the beginning), while the other has its mouth closed, symbolizing the sound "Um" (the end), together representing the cycle of life and death. Nepalese guardian lion sculptures show a great level of detail. They can be made of stone, metal or wood and often have fierce expressions and muscular bodies. Prominent examples of guardian lions can be found in places such as Durbar Square in Kathmandu, the Swayambhunath Temple (also known as the Monkey Temple), and other historical and religious sites throughout Nepal.


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