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A Grappa Castello Di Barbaresco bottle.
Category: Grappa, dessert wine. Barbaresco, Piedmont (Italy).
Level: A / B.
In the original box.
700 ml.
Made from Nebbiolo red grapes, mainly associated with the northern Italian region of Piedmont. Grappa is obtained through the "bagasse" distillation: residues such as skin, pulp, seeds and clusters remaining after the grapes have been pressed and the must has been extracted. Originally conceived to not waste these residues, it is now made in large quantities and marketed worldwide.
The fermented mixture of bagasse and alcohol from the grape juice is heated until the alcohol evaporates. Alcohol is condensed and separated, thus obtaining a high concentration of alcohol (between 40% and 45%).
Piedmontese grapes are characteristically oily and sweet.
The box is slightly damaged.


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